Learner Profile

Working with our staff and community, we have created a student profile that details the skills and competencies we want our children to develop over their time at St Mary’s.

We used our school vision as a stepping off point for the student profile, to ensure that we are providing our learners with an holistic Catholic education whilst they are at our school.

At St Mary’s School, Northcote, we have developed a strong vision for our school: 

Empowering each other,

We strive to learn,

We strengthen our faith,

We seek to serve.

This vision forms an important part of who we are and what we do at our school. We have therefore translated this vision into a learner profile, which describes the capabilities we want our learners to develop over their time at our school. Our graduates will leave St Mary’s, each one able to demonstrate the capabilities embedded in our learner profile. We believe this provides a strong foundation for them to continue to grow as both learners and disciples of Jesus in their future lives. 

Our reports to whānau reflect this learner profile and whānau, learners and teachers alike use this to discuss the learning of each child at our regular learner progress conversations.