Board of Trustees

Like all schools in New Zealand, St Mary’s has a board of trustees. We have five elected trustees, four proprietor trustees appointed by the Bishop, one staff trustee and the principal.

The board of trustees is entrusted with governing the school, which means they work alongside the principal to set the strategic direction for the school, as well as to monitor how well we are meeting our strategic goals. The board is the employer of all staff and as such has a responsibility to act as a good employer. They also have financial responsibility for the school and are charged with ensuring the health and safety of our school. The principal’s role is the day-to-day management of the school and putting the school strategic plan into operation.

The St Mary’s board meets twice a term in the school boardroom, usually at 6:30pm on Thursday of Weeks 3 and 8. Meeting dates and times are advertised in our school bulletin and all are welcome to attend.

The St Mary’s board of trustees and principal work closely together and enjoy an open and transparent relationship under the school vision of “We empower each other as we strive to learn, strengthen our faith and seek to serve”.

To contact the board, please email [email protected]

Principal Parent Representatives Proprietors Representatives Staff Representative
Paul Coakley Anna Campbell Ramon Gabito Kelsey Mc Master
Matthew Campbell Dominic Hollewand
Daniel Kane Lynette Pillay
Jessica Stent Mark Saunders
Rachel Welsh

2024 Meeting Dates

Board meetings are held in the school meeting room at 6:30pm

Thursday 22 February 2024 Thursday 16 May 2024 Thursday 8 August 2024 Thursday 31 October 2024
Thursday 4 April 2024 Thursday 4 July 2024 Thursday 12 September 2024 Thursday 5 December 2024