Extra Curricular

The St Mary’s Extra-curricular Programme

At St Mary’s, we strongly support the holistic development of all our children, working so that they grow as well-rounded people who know themselves as learners and have had the opportunity to explore and develop an understanding of their strengths and passions.

We offer a range of extra-curricular activities, both through the school programme and as classes run by outside providers. These include amongst others, a number of sporting activities, a range of arts (drama, cultural and many music groups), digital technologies and Lego club. 

As a school, if a number of children would like to take up an extra-curricular sport or activity, we will work to make it happen for them.  

We employ a student activities coordinator who works to develop our extra-curricular programme at school. We use the Sporty website for registration in sports activities and teams and share news in our fortnightly student activities bulletin about extra-curricular and in school activities and inter-school competitions.  We also share and celebrate the successes of our students as they participate in the many opportunities available to them.