Digital Technologies

Digital Immersion

St Mary’s is very well resourced, with all classes benefiting from a range of digital technologies. We have a large number of iPads for junior classes and senior classes use a range of student-owned devices (bring your own device – BYOD) and school-owned Chromebooks that are used by students to increase their digital fluency. We have a range of electronics and robotic equipment too. Digital technologies support the learning that is taking place across the New Zealand Curriculum and so, may be used to support reading, writing, mathematics and the other learning areas.

Safety Online

Digital Citizenship is taught across the school, throughout the year, to help grow our children into great digital citizens who can learn and navigate safely online. The School takes a proactive approach to ensuring its children are safe online and has access to a number of tools that help us to keep our learners safe online. We work in partnership with a range of organisations to ensure that staff have access to up-to-date information related to student learning and online safety.