Our St Mary’s Team

Leadership Team

Michelle Holly
Michelle HollyPrincipal
Michelle’s Profile
Charlotte Borowski
Charlotte BorowskiDeputy Principal
Charlotte’s Profile
Amany Morkos
Amany MorkosDeputy Principal
Amany’s Profile
Kristen Vodanovich
Kristen VodanovichDirector of Religious Studies
D4 Teacher
Kristen’s Profile
Rachel Chapman
Rachel ChapmanActing Deputy Principal
Rachel’s Profile
Colby Winspear
Colby WinspearActing Leader of Learning
C1 Teacher
Colby’s Profile
Emma Kingston
Emma KingstonInstructional Coach
Emma’s Profile
Sue Toombs
Sue ToombsExecutive Officer | Enrolments & International Student Manager
Sue’s Profile

Teaching Staff

Jemma Skiff
Jemma SkiffC1 Teacher
Jemma’s Profile
Anna Wood
Anna WoodC1 Teacher
Anna’s Profile
Malica Gore
Malica GoreC2 Teacher
Malica’s Profile
Catriona McLeod
Catriona McLeodC2 Teacher
Catriona’s Profile
Gill Bay
Gill BayC3 Teacher
Gillett’s Profile
Stephanie Chittle
Stephanie ChittleC3 Teacher
Stephanie’s Profile
Michelle Nel
Michelle NelC3 Teacher
Michelle’s Profile
Kelsey Mc Master
Kelsey Mc MasterC4 Teacher
Kelsey’s Profile
Lalli Tiddy
Lalli TiddyC4 Teacher
Lalli’s Profile
Rebecca De Waal
Rebecca De WaalD1 Teacher
Rebecca’s Profile
Laura Bentley
Laura BentleyD2 Teacher
Laura’s Profile
Liz Kwon
Liz Kwon D5 Teacher
Liz’s Profile
Jean-Marie Swanepoel
Jean-Marie SwanepoelD5 Teacher
Jean-Marie’s Profile
Jordan Strydom
Jordan StrydomD6 Teacher
Jordan’s Profile
Bronya Scott
Bronya ScottArts Teacher
Bronya’s Profile
Kelly Reilly
Kelly ReillyESOL Teacher
Kelly’s Profile
Ruth Coombes
Ruth Coombes Reading Recovery
Ruth’s Profile
Julie Brewis
Julie BrewisRelease Teacher
Julie’s Profile
Megan Robertson
Megan RobertsonRelease Teacher
Megan’s Profile

Support Staff

Naglaa Al-Darkazly
Naglaa Al-Darkazly Teacher Aide
Naglaa’s Profile
Glenda Campbell
Glenda Campbell School Secretary
Glenda’s Profile
Brooke Fowler
Brooke FowlerTeacher Aide
Brooke’s Profile
Barbara Franklin
Barbara FranklinTeacher Aide
Barbara’s Profile
Lisa Judge
Lisa JudgeStudent Activities Coordinator
Mary’s Profile
Ramon Gabito
Ramon Gabito Teacher Aide
Ramon’s Profile
Lisa Judge
Lisa JudgeStudent Activities Coordinator
Lisa’s Profile
Miles Palmer
Miles Palmer Teacher Aide
Miles Profile
Danielle Portella
Danielle PortellaTeacher Aide
Danielle’s Profile
Norman Turner
Norman TurnerCaretaker
Norman’s Profile