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Update: 25 June 2018

Positive Relationships:

How to deal with mean girl behaviour, from a parent’s perspective.

Boys and their frenemies, what every parent should know

Nine things to tell your daughter about mean girls – also applies to boys!

Ways to deal with relational aggression – (mean girl behaviour)

Helping girls deal with bullying and mean behaviour.

This is the most amazing website!

Encouraging resilience.

Helping with negative self-talk

Anxiety – how to turn avoidance behaviour into brave behaviour.

The importance of physical movement

When children lie – and they all do at some stage

Age by age guide of what to expect from kids and teens and how to support them.

Teaching kids and teens to have relationships in the real world, not the digital world.

Dealing with school anxiety

Building emotional intelligence – dealing with sadness, loss and grief

Kind kids are cool kids!

Empowering children to deal with school anxiety


Update: 28th November 2017

Next year, we will be embarking on a digital immersion project.

Please click here for the BYOD letter which went out to Year 3-5 parents on the 27th of November.

Please click here for the recommended device options for Year 4-6 students in 2018. Please note that we do not ask parents to purchase these specific devices from this store. However we do ask that, if your child is bringing a device to school, that they bring either a Chrome Book or a Windows laptop.

We have held two parent information evenings this term. The first one was built on community feedback following our consultation survey. Please see below for the slides from this evening.


Below  are the slides from the second information evening, which was based on questions which arose from the first evening.


Update: 23rd May 2017

We have been exploring Growth Mindset at St. Mary’s School. This is based on the work of Carol Dweck.

You might want to think about how this applies to your conversations with your child at home. Could you re-phrase “what did you do at school today?” to “what did you learn at school today?” for instance?

Try these questions:

  • How were your ‘stretched’ or challenged in your learning today?
  • What was tricky in your learning today?
  • How did you get yourself ‘unstuck’ when your learning got tricky?

There are also some great ideas on this website, around parenting with a growth mindset.

Update: 23rd March 2017

Update: 15th February 2017

Update: January 2017

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Update: 24th November

We have been learning about developing self awareness as a learner and building our learning power. If you are interested, please watch the video below for more information.

Update: 31st August

Update: 19th August

As you will be aware, St Mary’s teachers are moving towards more collaborative practice. If you would like more information about how this effects our classes, in terms of learning in composite classes, please see this link.

Update: 24th June

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