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Parent Supporters Group

The Parent Supporters Group (PSG) is a volunteer, non-profit organization which helps support the School Board, teachers, staff and parents of St Mary’s.

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logosJoining us is a great opportunity to get to know more about the school, and to meet new people and form friendships.  We welcome all parents and caregivers.

Who are we?
Our aim as members of the St Mary’s PSG is to work together to:

  1. Foster a school community including welcoming of new families, networking and encouraging parent participation in the school.
  2. Ensure good communication and co-operation is maintained between the Board of Trustees, the Principal , School Staff, Management Team and any other group within the school.
  3. Support the Board of Trustees in the school’s endeavours.
  4. Help to raise funds for educational purposes, or to provide improved facilities and opportunities for the good of the children of St Mary’s School and their families/whanau.

…and while we do all that, we also try to have some fun!

Who can join?
Anyone is welcome to join the PSG, you don’t have to be voted on.  Just come to our meetings, which are usually held twice a term, dates are communicated via our Facebook page and school.  Check the school newsletter or join our email list and get sent a reminder.  Come and help us make decisions about events for the children and the school community, and where you would like to see some of our fundraising proceeds go.

What do we do?
Services provided by the PSG include welcoming new families, providing meals for people in need, and supporting those in our community who may be having difficulties.  If you know of anyone who needs support, please let us know by using our PSG email address or talking to a member of staff.

The Different Faces of St Mary's Fair 2008 007Some of our regular fundraising events include Friday lunches, school discos, adult events such as Quiz Night, the School Fair and selling Entertainment Books, tea towels etc.

We use the funds we raise to buy extra equipment or resources for the school.  In recent years we have bought sports equipment and uniforms, technology and library books.

How can you help?
Support your children and their school by joining the PSG, or by taking part in PSG activities and fundraisers.

We aim to have two PSG representatives from each learning area, so they can be a point of contact for the parents in their class for support, and keep them up to date with what is happening at school.

If you cannot join or make the meetings you can still play a vital role.  We have a group of active supporters who help out with lunches, do jobs in the evening such as ticketing for functions, or make phone calls to enlist helpers for our events.

We look forward to meeting you!

Look for current news and events on our PSG Facebook page, St Mary’s School PSG, and in the school weekly bulletin.

If you would like to become a PSG representative for your class, or for further information, email us on psg@sms.school.nz

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