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Staff – 2018

Michelle Holly
Mrs Michelle Holly

Deputy Principal                                 Deputy Principal, 2019
Mrs Amany Morkos                                    Charlotte Borowski

Executive Officer and International Student Manager
Mrs Sue Toombs

Leaders of Learning:  Mr Peter Harpur, D5 and Ms Maria Mistlberger, D5
Instructional Teacher:  Mrs Emma Kingston

Learning Support Coordinator:
Yrs 0-3 Mrs Kristen Vodanovich C4
Yrs 4-6 Mrs Pauline Hibbert C1

Director of Religious Studies:  Mrs Maria Matthews
Assistant DRS: Mrs Kristen Vodanovich

Teaching Staff:

Yr 0      D1    Mrs Maria Matthews / Catriona McLeod
Yr 1      D2    Miss Stephanie Chittle
Yr 1      D3    Miss Jessica Han
Yr 1      D4    Miss Rachel Chapman

Yr 2/3   C3    Mrs Catherine Adler / Miss Seon Jin Park / Miss Colby Winspear
Yr 2/3   C4    Miss Nikki Ive / Mrs Leena Rebello / Mrs Kristen Vodanovich

Yr 4      C1    Mrs Pauline Hibbert / Miss Jemma Skiff / Miss Anna Wood

Yr 5      D5    Mr Peter Harpur / Ms Maria Mistlberger

Yr 6      C2     Mrs Clare Letting / Miss Kathryn O’Brien

ESOL & Literacy Teacher:
Mrs Sonia Hart

Mrs Sandra Shilham (School Secretary)

Sports Co-ordinator:
Mrs Lisa Judge

Librarian/Resource Manager:
Mrs Jayne Arthur

Part Time / Specialist Teachers:
Mrs Bronya Scott (Teacher)
Mrs Ruth Coombes (Reading Recovery)
Mrs Justine Bishop (Release Teacher)
Mrs Maxine Cunliffe (Release Teacher)
Mrs Megan Robertson (Release Teacher)
Mrs Julie Brewis (Release Teacher)

Teacher Aides:
Mrs Barbara Franklin            Mr Ramon Gabito
Mrs Angela O’Grady             Mrs Danielle Portella

Property Manager / Caretaker:
Mr Norman Turner

Uniform Shop 
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